Foodland Specials 14 – 20 Feb 2024

The half-price sale is probably the strongest part of the new Foodland Catalogue. This week’s expenses can get cheaper pretty soon with the help of simple half-price specials. Foodland Specials 14 – 20 Feb 2024 include some of them on the first page. Arnott’s TimTam biscuits, Connoisseur, Cadbury Favourites, Cadbury Roses are half-price deals on the first page.

Foodland Specials 14 - 20 Feb 2024

They also included household products like Vanish, Cold Power, Nature’s Own, Palmolive Luminous Oil Shampoo, and more are examples of that. The fresh section is one of the important parts of the catalogue. Buy pears, orange, cucumbers, lettuce at lower costs. You can check out all fresh produce specials on sales & specials page if you want to see what the others have to offer.

  • ½ price Nature’s Own effervescents, Palmolive Luminious Oil, Vanish Napisan Gold Oxi Action stain remover, and more
  • ½ price Golden Bakery Crumpet Round, Menz Bags, Smith’s Thinly Cut Chips, Cadbury Medium Bars, Kinder Bueno, and more
  • Meat & Seafood specials with beef Scotch fillet steak, Schnitzel, cod fillets, salmon portion, and more
  • ½ price Heinz Mayo, SunRice Medium Grain, Cheerios
  • ½ price belVita Biscuits
  • ½ price snacks on Cadbury Roses, Ferrero Rocher, Smith’s Chips, Pop Corners, Kinder Bueno, and more

Expect to see many more products and deals in the Foodland Specials 14 – 20 Feb 2024. You can receive emails of these deals in the future if you subscribe to the newsletter. Get more details on