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Browse the latest Foodworks Catalogue on this page. Read the reviews about sales, online products, and leave a comment. Posts are about the tips and ideas of grocery products, weekly household needs, half prices, personal care and more categories that are also in the catalogues. Foodworks regularly publishes these online sales. In general, their product range can cover the brands that people are familiar with. Find a lot of simple meals and packaged food deals, too. Potato and corn chips, soda packs, and frozen food are major content in most cases.

Occasional sales like Christmas, Valentine’s Day, holiday sales etc. are also possible to encounter with Foodworks Catalogues. Don’t miss out anything from these regular deals. Follow our Facebook page to get notifications and posts.

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Foodworks Catalogue 22 - 28 Nov 2022

Check out the new Foodworks Catalogue for grocery deals and Christmas treats. ½ price deals on products like Arnott's shapes, Cadbury dairy milk, Connoisseur ice cream are available on the front page. High-quality meat is a part of the new catalogue. If you wanna set up a Christmas table a great deal is waiting for you. One of the most popular piece of every festive table of western tradition is roasted whole chicken. Also, deals like smoked portion ham and other ham types are available in t Read More...


Foodworks Catalogue 16 - 22 Nov 2022

Christmas sale by Foodworks Catalogue 16 - 22 Nov 2022 is now live. Check out the ½ price deals on snacks and candies on the first page, discover new treats you can offer to your guests, and prepare for Christmas. Aussie-grown meats and chickens are on sale. Fresh chicken drumsticks will cost $3.99 per kg. While cooking the main course and preparing a big table for your family, don't skip thinking about the sides. They have new offers for that one, too. Buy skewered prawns, global prawn ring Read More...

FoodWorks Summer Sale Nov 2022

FoodWorks Summer Sale Nov 2022 promises the best product selection for the summer season this week! Dozens of super fresh and quality grocery products have been announced by Foodworks. Check it out and find your essentials at low prices!FoodWorks Summer Sale Nov 2022

FoodWorks Summer Sale Nov 2022;

You can find out what kind of advantages seasonal shopping offers you and which fruit and vegetable is most suitable for your shopping cart in which month from FoodWorks' shelves. It is possible to see the freshest and healthiest products of the season in their product range.

Get ready to fill your shopping cart with the freshest products! Thanks to FoodWorks product selections, you will also offer your body the freshest and healthiest foods. Not only do they offer you all the benefits of seasonal shopping, they also show you which fruit and vegetable you should buy in which month.

Super Fresh Fruit & Veg at FoodWorks;

  • Asparagus each, $1.79
  • Sweet Seedless Watermelon per kg, $1.99
  • Loose Brushed Potatoes per kg, $2.49
  • Fresh Lemons per kg, $3.99
  • Green Zucchini per kg, $3.99
  • Pre-Packed Mushroom Cups / Sliced 200g, $2.99
  • Baby Spinach, Rocket & Mesculin Salad Mixes 100g, $3.79
  • Sweet Juicy Corn Cobs, $1.29

Foodworks 1/2 Price!

Foodworks gives you extra budget with discounted price tags of up to 50%! You can view great offers on many popular products on FoodWorks Catalogue. Snacks, dairy products, beverages, fruits, vegetables… Buy many products you are looking for at attractive prices! These prices and selected products are valid for a limited time. These pretty good prices are valid 2 November 2022 until 8 November 2022. Hurry up and have your needs with minimum payments!

FoodWorks Specials This Week;

  • Thins, Samboy, French Fries or Natural Chips Co selected varieties, $2.15 (Save $2.15)
  • Nestle Chocolate Block, $2.50 (Save $2.50)
  • Bulla Splits, Frozen Yoghurt, Chupa Chups Minis or Ice Cream Bars, $3.75 (Save $4.25)
  • Nescafe Sachets 6 - 10 pack selected varieties, $3.50 (Save $3.50)
  • Colgate 360 Toothbrush 2 Pack or Whitening, Sensitive Toothpaste, $4 (Save $4)
  • Omo Laundry Liquid, Powder 2kg / Laundry Capsules 28 pack, $13 (Save $13)
  • Patties Party Pies Sausage Rolls or Pasties 12 Pack 450g-560g, $7 (Save $1.50)
  • Always Fresh Red Roasted Peppers 330g, $4.50 (Save $1)
  • Doritos Corn Chips 130-170g, $2.50 (Save $1.80)
  • Red Rock Deli Crackers 135g, $2.25 (Save $2.25)
  • Creative Gourmet Frozen Fruit 900g, $8 (Save $1.50)
  • Bulla Ice Cream Tub 4l, $8 (Save $3)
  • South Cape Australian Cheese 180g, $4.80 (Save $1.70)
  • Woodbridge Smokehouse Salmon 200g, $18 (Save $4.49)
  • Pepsi or Schweppes Soft Drink 2l, $3
  • Cadbury Chocolate Favourites or Toblerone Gift Box, $7 (Save $7)
  • Obela Everyday Hommus Classic 400g, $4.50 (Save 75c)
  • Moondarra Cheese 120g, $3.50 (Save 99c)
  • South Cape Club Cheddar 140g, $6.50
  • Black Swan Dip 200g, $3.80 (Save 85c)
  • Tip Top Sandwich or Burger Thins 200g, $3
  • Helga's Gluten Free Bread 470 / 500g, $6 (Save $1.50)
  • Cadbury Chocolate Cookies 156g or Breakfast Biscuits 180g, $3 (Save $1)
  • Arnott's Chocolate Coated Biscuit 230g, $3.50 (Save $1)
  • Arnott's Savoy, Jatz, Clix, Shapes or Mini Bites, $2.50 (Save $1)
  • S & W Whole Egg or Light Mayonnaise 440g, $5.50 (Save $1.50)
  • MasterFoods Cafe Relish or Crushed Garlic, $2.50 (Save 50c)
  • Edgell Canned Vegetables 400g, $1 (Save 20c)
  • Captain's Table Water Crackers 125g, $1 (Save 50c)
  • Barilla Pasta 500g Selected Varieties, $2.90 (Save 60c)
  • Leggo's Passata Premium Cooking Sauce 700g, $2.50 (Save $1)
  • Old El Paso Mexican Dinner Kits, $6.50 (Save $2)
  • Indomie Mi Goreng Noodles 5 pack x 80g, $2.50 (Save $1.35)

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Foodworks Half Price Sale July 2022

You can celebrate Christmas in July with Foodworks Half Price Sale July 2022! You can view this catalogue immediately for a budget-friendly shopping experience without wasting time.Foodworks Half Price Sale July 2022

You can buy dozens of daily food consumption products at low prices and complete your weekly shopping without straining your budget. This catalogue where you can browse the products of the best brands is worth checking out!

Foodworks is one of those stores that aims to have competitive pricing as the basis for good shopping. The weekly catalogues offered by Foodworks Store will always make it easy for you to save. View current offers with this Foodworks weekly Catalogue and start a good shopping adventure now!

FoodWorks Healthy and Natural Winter Specials!

Fruit and vegetable products come first among the products that should be consumed in order to stay healthy in winter. You can browse many winter fruits and vegetables on their shelves. You can buy the freshest and most natural fruits produced by local farmers at great prices. Especially Vitamin C is among the vitamins our body needs in winter. That's why you can focus on products that are packed with Vitamin C. One of them is mandarin. Sweet and juicy mandarins are on sale now! Let's check them on FoodWorks Catalogue!

FoodWorks Quality Meat Cuts!

In addition, Foodworks aims to deliver you the best quality meat products at the most reasonable prices. You can find many protein store products here and buy them with great offers. Find your favorite product now and visit the FoodWorks stores!

Half Price offers don't just include food products! You also have the opportunity to purchase many personal care products, pet products, cleaning products and more with discounts of up to 50%. Be sure to review these prices and guide your shopping!

FoodWorks Specials This Week;

  • Peters Drumstiks Ice Cream 4/6 Pack Selected Varities, $4.50
  • Darrell Lea Confectionary 140-280g, $2.45
  • Arnott's Shapes or Mini Bites 140-190g, $1.75
  • Uncle Tobys Quick or Traditional Oats 1kg, $3.25
  • John West Tuna 95g Selected Varities, 5 for $5
  • Lynx Aerosol Deodorant or Body Spray 165ml, $4
  • Crackers Barrel Cheese Block or Slices 250g, $5
  • South Cape Australian Cheese 200g, $4.50
  • Lemnos Cheese 125g, $3.50
  • Sakata Rice Crackers 90 / 100g Selected Varities, $2
  • Philadelphia Sweet Chilli Philly Tub 250g, $3.50
  • Huon Premium Smoked Salmon 100g, $9.50
  • Don Traditional Kabana or Cabonossi 200g, $4
  • Don Salami 200g, $6
  • The Taste of New York Bagels 400g, $4
  • Golden Crumpet Breaks 425g, $2.50
  • Your Bakery Croissant 3/4 Pack 200g, $2.50
  • Granny Tray Cake 360g, $6
  • Helga's Low Carb Bread 700g, $5
  • Australian Gold Brie or Camembert Cheese 115g, $3.60
  • Chris' Blue Cheese or Cheddar Dip 170g, $6.25
  • Arnott's Cheds, Country Cheese or Sesame Wheat Crackers, $3
  • Aeroplane Jelly 85g, $1.10
  • Baker's Oven Chocolate or Jam Sponge Roll 400g, $3
  • Pauls Vanilla Custard 600g, $2.50
  • OOB Organic Frozen Fruit 450 / 500g, $8.50
  • Jindi Brie or Camembert Cheese 115g, $4
  • ZoOsh Classic Dip 185g, $2.20
  • Arnott's Jatz, Savoy or Clix Crackers, $2.50
  • D'orsogna Tasty Sticks 400g, $9.50
  • Ocean Spray Jellied or Whole Cranberry Sauce, $3

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Delicious Easter Egg Deals from Coles, Woolworths, IGA and 2 More Stores

All three major grocery catalogues cover fantastic Easter eggs from brands like Cadbury. Browse the catalogues of Coles, Woolworhts, IGA, Foodworks, Foodland, ALDI to come across awesome Easter eggs. Most of them also offer half-price deals. For example, on the first page of Coles Catalogue 31 Mar - 6 Apr, you will have Cadbury Happy Easter Carton 250g priced at only $4.50 which is a ½ price. Similarly, Woolies offers Cadbury Easter Eggs Crate pk 20 for $7. On other other side, IGA Catalogue has a full page of Cadbury Easter eggs. Various sizes and different packagings are available in that product range. Check out Easter egg deals from the top supermarket catalogues:

Coles Easter Egg deals:

Easter Egg Deals from Coles, Woolworths, IGA

Coles also has Easter bunny, hot cross buns, and similar sort of traditional Easter products on its weekly catalogue right now.

Woolworths Easter egg deals:

Woolworths Catalogue 31 Mar - 6 Apr 2021 has more awesome Easter products like bunny, hot cross buns, and so on.

IGA Easter Egg Deals:

Go to pg 12 for the Cadbury Easter eggs and more products of this catalogue.

Foodworks Catalogue Easter Eggs:

Foodland Catalogue Easter Eggs: