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Browse the latest Foodworks Catalogue on this page. Read the reviews about sales, online products, and leave a comment. Posts are about the tips and ideas of grocery products, weekly household needs, half prices, personal care and more categories that are also in the catalogues. Foodworks regularly publishes these online sales. In general, their product range can cover the brands that people are familiar with. Find a lot of simple meals and packaged food deals, too. Potato and corn chips, soda packs, and frozen food are major content in most cases.

Occasional sales like Christmas, Valentine’s Day, holiday sales etc. are also possible to encounter with Foodworks Catalogues. Don’t miss out anything from these regular deals. Follow our Facebook page to get notifications and posts.

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Foodworks Catalogue Deals 10 - 16 Jul 2019

Shop your school needs at Foodworks stores this week. Take a look at this catalogue for a variety of products at half prices. Household supplies and food items are available at cheaper prices this week. Foodworks Catalogue has fresh produce of Australian farms. Potatoes, carrots, cucumbers, orange, and more products are available for new prices on pg 2. Fresh meat and seafood are available on pg 4-5. Pack lunch food using the cheese, spread, yoghurt, and more products which are available on pg 7. Natural Cracker Co. products are half-price deals this week. Health and personal care items are also on sale. You can find half-price deals, too.

Foodworks Catalogue Deals 29 May - 4 Jun 2019

Find $1,$2, $3, $4 deals on pg 2-3 of Foodworks Catalogue. There are essentials and snacks in this deal. Foodworks snack range contains products like Arnott's Sweet biscuits, shapes, Jatz, and more in this. Buy breakfast foods and pantry products for $3 or $4 on pg 3. Lean Cuisine frozen meals will cost $4 this week.

- Discover the meat offers on pg 4. Australian grown meat range is extensive and you'll love the prices. Australian beef t-bone steak and beef topside roast are both on sale. If you are not a fan of beef or red meat, chicken is the solution of your protein need. I prefer chicken over red meat most of the times. It's easier to season, cook, and serve. Fresh chicken thigh fillets - skin off will cost $9.99 at Foodworks stores this week.

- Buy snacks and beverage like Coca-Cola cans, Smith's chips, Arnott's chocolate block, Pepsi soft drinks, and more are available on pg 6. V Energy drink 4 pack x 250mL will cost $7.59! Pantry products are Kellogg's Nutri-Grain, SPC fruit in juice 4 pack, Old El Paso crispy chicken. Find more on pg 7-8.

- The catalogue also has non-food categories including personal care. Buy liquid soap, BIC Flex 3 razor, Huggies, and more. The last page has some half-price deals. Don't forget to see the final page as well.

$1 deals:

Foodworks Catalogue Deals 6 - 12 Mar 2019

Win $1000 visa gift cards at Foodworks supermarket. Half-price deals on Connoisseur ice cream, Cadbury dairy milk, John West tuna are available on the first page. Snacks, sauces, pantry products are available on pg 2-3. One of the classics for easy pasta meals is the Barilla Pasta sauce. Simple, quite effective, tasty enough for those who don't feel like cooking a big meal. Barilla Pasta spaghetti and sauce will be a great combination for anyone who needs a simple lunch or dinner. You also have deals on Golden Circle sparkling juice 4pack x 250mL is one of the new products. Explore the Birthday specials of Foodworks. Snacks and beverage packs like Pringles and Cadbury Dairy milk are available on that page. If you like packaged food you are browsing the correct catalogue. Logan Farm frozen fries, Beston pure Edwards crossing vintage cheddar, Mrs. Mac's microwave pie, Healthy Choice meals, On the Menu frozen meals, and half prices are the good ones from pg 4. Also, the non-food range of the latest catalogue can be interesting for those who need a good deal on baby care, AA or AAA batteries, and more products.

Check out some of the nice deals from this catalogue:

Easyslicer Half-Price Deal | Free Shipping | $24.95 Only! Limited Time

I recently came across one of the best internet deals. It seems to be that the half-price deal on Easyslicer is only valid for a limited time! Maybe one of the simplest gadget for slicing fruits, fresh vegetables, or maybe fish. Prepare fruit salads with this product and save time. We don't even need to explain how it works. Just place your fruit in it, press on top, get your slices dropped in the plastic container. Use it in mornings for your routine salad mixes and enjoy when it's lunchtime at work.

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Method of Easyslicer is as simple as it can be. A set of sharp and stainless steel blades and two arms of Easyslicer will cut anything remotely edible into formal shapes. Anything can look more delicious as cubed or sliced.
Moreover, the blades are customizable for whatever the shape you need. Cut your cucumber into cubes, julienne slices, regular slices, or add boiled egg pieces of carrots in your salad. The product has 5 options for cutting or slicing. Compared to a knife, no matter how sharp your knife is, this method is 10 times faster. That half-price deal is a double-double save considering the time you save as well.
The container is also a very practical part of the gadget. It's a snap-on high-quality plastic food container that has a solid lid completely protective of the fresh foods. That is kind of a lock to create a safe place, especially for fresh fruits and veg. Slice your food, keep it in the storage and leave it cool in the fridge.


If we combine what we got with this kitchen gadget:

- Sharp and stainless steel blades with 5 different cutting or slicing methods.
- A great container for your food. Lockable and 200mL capacity.
- Half the price saved.
- 10x time saved from the regular slicing methods.

With this kitchen gadget you can slice all kinds of fresh produce you buy from Coles, Woolworths, IGA, Foodworks, Foodland and more stores. All of them have catalogues that are valid right now.


Foodworks Catalogue Grocery Deals 13 - 19 Feb 2019

Doritos chips, Schweppes, Australian beef t-bone steak, lamb BBQ chops, and more are the featured products on Foodworks Catalogue 13 - 19 Feb. Find meat products including packaged sausage and Lilydale free range chicken on pg 2. Pay lower for the fine meat products. Arnott's brownies, cakes, and more sweets are available on sale. Stay healthy and feed your body with quality nutrition with fresh produce. Foodworks discounts on watermelon, potatoes, lettuce and more fruits or vegetables are on pg 4. Shop grapes, nectarines, frankfurts, and more deals. Low prices every day for 12 items that are available on pg 12. Check out that Half-price sale for belVita biscuits which is one of the favourite breakfast snacks of all. Much more than this is available in this catalogue. Half-price deals and more picks from the Foodworks sale:

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