Foodworks Half-Price Sale 10 – 16 Jan 2024

Half-price sale is one of the beloved types of deals in every supermarket. If you like to shop at Foodworks, you might like this Foodworks Catalogue. It advertises the new half-price deals. You can double your budget with them. But they are not the only things that are worth seeing. The summer sale is on. Buy your favourite snacks and ice cream at lower prices. Four ‘N Twenty snack pack, Nestl√© Lemonade Icy Pole, Streets Cyclone, Weis Ice Cream Bars, and many more items are featured offers in the new catalogue.

Foodworks Half-Price Sale 10 - 16 Jan 2024

Here are the half-price deals in the catalogue:

  • The Natural Confectionery Co. or Pascall Confectionery 150-300g $2.50
  • Twinnings Tea Bags $6.75
  • V Energy Drink 4 pack x 250mL $5.25
  • Bulla Splits, Crunch, Frozen Yoghurt, Ice Cream Bars $4.25
  • CC’s Corn Chips $2.35

More of Foodworks Half-Price Sale 10 – 16 Jan:

  • Golden Crumpets 6 Pack 300g $2.20
  • Mrs Brunt’s Waffles $2.70
  • Cadbury Medium Chocolate Bars $1.25
  • Kellogg’s Pop Tarts $3.50
  • Willow medium ice brick $2
  • Energizer 10 pack $11.25
  • Batiste Dry Shampoo $6.85
  • Redwin Sorbolene Moisturiser 1.1L $5.49

You can also save half on household supplies, cleaning products:

  • SARD stain remover $5.50
  • Cold Power Triple Caps Laundry Detergent $14
  • Cuddly Fabric Softener 850mL $5
  • Radiant Laundry Powder or Liq. 2kg $10

Check out the final page of the catalogue to see even more half-price items. They have Mersey Valley, Magnum classic dairy free, and many more half-price deals. If you like to see half-price deals on your favourite items, perhaps you should check out catalogues every week. If you want to receive them every week, subscribe to the newsletter of or you can follow us on Facebook or Instagram.

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