Foodworks Christmas Sale 6 – 12 Dec 2023

Check out the new Foodworks Christmas Sale 6 – 12 Dec 2023 in the catalogue. You can save half on some favourite products including ice cream this week. With the half-price deals, you can even double your shopping budget if you only focus on them. December means a lot of baking and cooking. If you like Christmas treats, view pg 2-3 of this catalogue to see deals on shortbread, fruit mince pies, fruit cakes, and many more items. Furthermore, you will find products of Maltesers, Ferrero Rocher, Toblerone, Lindt Lindor in the same part of this Foodworks Catalogue. Check out party snacks and drinks.

Foodworks Christmas Sale 6 - 12 Dec 2023

On the first page of half-price sale:

  • Fantastic Delites 100g $1.15
  • Philadelphia Cream Cheese Block 250g $2.85
  • Peters Drumstick Ice Cream 4/6 Pack $4.75
  • Suimin Cup Noodles 70g $.92
  • Cadbury Chocolate Favourites 520g $11
  • Pepsi, Schweppes or Bubly Cans 8/10 Pack x 375ml $8.20

Christmas special treats in the Foodworks Christmas Sale 6 – 12 Dec:

  • Community Co Fruit Mince Bios 6 Pack or Salted Caramel Tarts 4 Pack $5.80
  • Walker’s Gluten Free Plain or Choc Chip Shortbread 140g $5.30
  • Walker’s Luxury Fruit Mince Pies 372g $10
  • Balfours Light Fruit Cake 1 800g $12.50

Check out these half-price deals:

  • Maltesers Gift Box 360/400g $7
  • Ferrero Rocher T16 200g or Ferrero Collection T15 172g $8
  • Lindt Linder Chocolate Gift Box 232/235g $10
  • Toblerone 360g $8
  • 30% off Cadbury Christmas stocking, Lindt Lindor Collection, Cadbury Christmas Mix Gift Box
  • ½ price Cadbury Chocolate Coated Fruit & Nuts