Foodworks New Year Savings 2023 – 2024

Welcome the new year with half-price savings by Foodworks. The catalogue shows the greatest deals of the new week in the Foodworks Catalogue. Cadbury Favourites, Schweppes Mixers, Kirks Soft Drinks, Captain’s Table Water Crackers, and Pringles Chips are all half-price items. Don’t forget to see Foodworks New Year Savings 2023 – 2024 if you are fond of this store and New Year parties.

Foodworks New Year Savings 2023 - 2024

Go to the second page for New Year party supplies and snacks we all love when partying and celebrating. Funny glasses, glow party packs, Christmas Party poppers, and more products are classic favourites to be found on the Woolworths Catalogue.

Buy ready meals that can help you with your guests in the New Year party. Pacific West Indian Platter or Curry Puffs will be 30% off.

½ price deals:

  • Cadbury Favourites 520g $11
  • Kirks Soft Drink Cans 10 Pack × 375ml $6.50
  • Schweppes Mixers 4 Pack x 300ml $3.70
  • Captain’s Table Water Crackers 125g $.90
  • Pringles Chips 118/134g $2.50
  • Streets Magnum Ice Cream 4/6 Pack $5.50

You can save 30% off your favourite ice cream at Foodworks this week:

  • Peters Maxibon Ice Cream 4 Pack $6.50
  • Cadbury, Oreo or Kit Kat Ice Cream 4 Fack $6.50
  • Streets Magnum Double Ice cream 4 Pack $8
  • Cadbury lee Cream Tub 460ml $8

Moreover, there are more than foods in this catalogue. Check out the half-price deals on personal care items, too. Redwin Sorbolene Moisturiser is gonna be half-price deal.

Also, save on household supplies like cleaning and laundry products:

  • Finish Quantum Ultimate Pro Dishwashing Tablets $27
  • Dynamo Professional Laundry Discs 28 Pack $16
  • Comfort Fabric Conditioner 900ml $5
  • Bref Toilet Cleaner 2 Pack x 50g $5.50

If you wanna see more half-price items, check out the final page of the Foodworks Catalogue 27 Dec – 2 Jan.

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