Foodworks Half-Price Specials 21 – 27 Feb 2024

Sign up to win $50K prize at Foodworks this week. Every week there is a $500 giveaway, too. Enter by scanning the code on the front page of the latest Foodworks catalogue for 21 – 27 Feb. The new catalogue covers specials of the half-price. Oreo cookies, Twirl, and more items are present on the first page with a ½ price tag on them. There are more through the catalogue. Foodworks Half-Price Specials 21 – 27 Feb have also been covered by the markey day sale. The Market Day Specials are going to be only vaid for 22nd of February.

See them on pg 2-3:

  • ½ price Frantelle, Coca-Cola, Peters Drumsticks, Sorbent

Foodworks Half-Price Specials 21 - 27 Feb 2024

Also, there is a Lent sale this week. Various packaged and frozen seafood products are classic choice for Lent. Enjoy the Lent month with your favourite seafood products. John West Salmon Tempters of 95g can will cost only $2.65 at Foodworks this week. You can get these deals on your feed when you follow our Instagram and Facebook. Subscribe to our newsletter to receive new catalogues in your inbox.

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