Foodland Catalogue Mother’s Day 10 – 16 May 2023

Foodland Catalogue Mother’s Day 10 – 16 May 2023 has delicious food deals. Shop for your grocery needs at Foodland stores and buy treats for Sunday. There are many half-price deals in this catalogue. Kitkat, Continental Pasta & Sauce, Arnott’s tim tam biscuits, Golden Bakery Crumpet rounds, Nescafé Blend 43, and more are available on the first page and some of them are half-price deals. Buy chocolate treats of Cadbury Roses, Toblerone gift pouch, Cadbury favourites, and more products. Great deals are here for treats and snacks. You will love these items.

Foodland Catalogue Mother's Day 10 - 16 May 2023

  • Cadbury Roses Chocolate Box 450g $8
  • Toblerone 360g $6
  • Cadbury Favourites 570g $11
  • Green & Black’s Organic Blocks 90g $2.25
  • Cadbury Roses Tin 689g $15
  • Heinz Big Red Tomato or BBQ Sauce 500ml $1.61 pg 5
  • Arnott’s Tim Tam Deluxe Range 175g $2.35
  • Cadbury Ice Cream Multipacks 4s $4.75
  • Violet Crumble Nuggets or Chunks 135-180g $2.50
  • Comfort In Wash Boost 200g $7

Use this catalogue to browse deals on fresh produce, meat & seafood, cheese variety, and many more products. They have an enormous sale of breakfast and grocery products, too. Weet-Bix, Nesquik, LCMs, and more products are featured deals in the catalogue. Subscribe to the newsletter to receive new deals like Foodland Catalogue Mother’s Day 10 – 16 May 2023. You can also follow our social accounts and find these deals on your feed every week.

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