Foodland Deals 14 – 20 Jun 2023

Foodland Catalogue 14 – 20 Jun 2023 offers Australian Premium Gravy Beef for your winter meals. You can buy a kg of it for only $17.50. The details of Cadbury Favourites, Menz FruChocs or JeliChocs, Doritos Corn Chips, Connoisseur multipack are half-price deals.

Foodland Catalogue 14 - 20 Jun 2023

There is a half-price sale with snacks, personal care products, cookies, and more products can be seen on pg 3. Palmolive, Lynx, Comfort In Wash, and more products are some of the items. Shop bakery products with products like pana di casa, happy donuts, flavoured cake, etc. You can buy Country Sptlit Bread for only $4.

½ prices from Foodland Deals 14 – 20 Jun 2023:

  • Australian Premium Gravy Beef $17.50
  • Menz FruChocs or JeliChocs 130-150g $2.75
  • Cadbury Favourites 570g or Party Pack 570g $11
  • Connoisseur Multipack 4-6s $4.75
  • Doritos Corn Chips 150-170g or Smith’s Baked Chips 130g $2.40 pg 3
  • Reese’s Bars 40-47g $1
  • Oreo Cookies 131-147g $1.25
  • Arnott’s Bluey Cracker Biscuits Sharebox 150g $2
  • Lynx Body Wash 1 Litre $6.60
  • Mighty Soft Raisin Toast 600g $3.25
  • SunRice White Rice Medium Grain 10kg $19

Foodland breakfast sale is one big category in the catalogue. You can see breakfast products like Kellogg’s original. Check these out:

  • Kellogg’s Special K 300g or Crunchy Nut Corn Flakes 380g $3.50
  • Uncle Tobys Traditional or Quick Oats 1kg $5
  • Carmen’s Porridge Sachet 270-320g $5.70
  • Uncle Tobys Protein Bars 175g $4.70
  • Grinders Ground Coffee 200g $7.70
  • Moccona Coffee 200g $12.50
  • Nescafé Farmers Origins Capsules 10 Pack $4.90
  • SunRice White Rice Medium Grain 10kg $19
  • Nestlé, Mars or Violet Crumble Bars 35-56g $1.10

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