Foodland Half-Price Sale 27 Sep – 3 Oct 2023

Australian Premium beef scotch fillet steak is only $34 per kg at Foodland stores. The latest half-price sale is a great chance to save on our favourite foods. Starting from the first page, you will find important half-price items. Download the Foodland App and spend $30 or more to get participating products. Personal care items, household supplies, health care products, and more are also available in the catalogue. Furthermore, half-price deals like Cadbury Roses Tin 600g, Bulla Crunch, Golden Crumpets, Mighty Soft Raisin Toast, Steggles chicken breast are also featured offers in the Foodland Half-Price Sale 27 Sep – 3 Oct 2023.

Foodland Half-Price Sale 27 Sep - 3 Oct 2023

  • ½ price Menz FruChocs or JeliChocs, Uncle Tobys Plus Cereal, Cadbury Favourites, Arnott’s Tim Tam Biscuits
  • ½ price Cadbury Roses Tin, Bulla Crunch, Golden Bakery Crumpet Round, Mighty Soft Raisin Toast, Steggles Chicken, and more
  • Bakery products: Wonder Wraps Hi Fibre, Vili’s Traditional Pies, Balfours Bar Cake, Freshbake Apricot Lattice Rounds, and more
  • Tea & Coffee deals: Moccona Freeze Dried Coffee, Nescafé Blend, Capilano Manuka Active Honey, and many more
  • ½ price Arnott’s Tim Tam Deluxe, Cracker Chips, Flatbread Dippers, Sourdough Crisps
  • ½ price Nestlé Milo, Kellogg’s LCMs
  • Snacks: Cadbury Sharepacks, Nestlé Blocks, Cadbury Medium Bars, Kettle Potato Chips or Native Range, CC’s or Cornados Chips, Harvest Snaps, and many more

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