Ghost of Tsushima, Nintendo Switch Paper Mario – Big W Catalogue

Pre-order new console games at Big W Catalogue have their discs. Ghost of Tsushima, Nintendo Switch Paper Mario - Big W CatalogueYou can visit to pre-order. Ghost of Tsushima is an upcoming Samurai game on PS4 and it’s a AAA game which means a big-budget game like the Last of Us II. Yet it’s cheaper then the Last of Us II. The price for the new post-apocalyptic game is $79 at Big W which is not a special price. It’s just a regular price for this kind of games. If you are a PC gamer, you might want to check out accessories for PC gaming on the latest Big W toy mania sale catalogue. This Big W Catalogue is a source of top deals on entertainment products, smartphones, and games like these. Check out these products in it:

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