Good Guys Catalogue Back to University | Electronics Feb 2019

Microsoft Surface, Apple tablets, 2-in-1 computers of popular brands like Dell, Lenovo, Acer, HP are available on the latest Good Guys Catalogue. This catalogue aims to promote the electronics which will be useful for the daily life of a university student. Depending on your department at the university, a decent laptop can meet your requirements unless you want to study 3D design, game development, computational sciences, or any study that require 4K or above resolution video editing. Some professional video editing software like Avid provides offline and online editing but most editors must render their resulting products on a computer. I would not know if your university provides a high-end computer for editing but if they don’t, you might need at least mid-range graphics card. That will also be really useful in your independent projects. 3D design, rendering, and computational science departments usually provide computer laboratories for all students. But all the other studies that only require folder storage, classic tasks on a decent computer are no problem at all. A regular MacBook or a Windows laptop will handle the job easily. Moreover, you can watch full HD movies, play some games, and browse the internet without any freeze. I recommend Apple’s iPad for those who need a lot of scanning. They have perfect scanning apps that will give you a great PDF for any document. You can easily make a PDF out of a textbook with an iPad.
In the laptop part of the catalogue, which is on pg 2-3 top deals of the week are available.

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