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Good Guys Catalogue Mother's Day 2020Buy Dyson HP04 air purifier for your mom. Help her keep her room’s air cleaner. It’s basically a fan that can capture undesirable particles in your air. It uses filters like HEPA and activated carbon filter. The number one feature of the Dyson HP04 is that it can absorb any gas or chemicals or odor in your room. It is also a very silent device. But when it comes to the voice of the product, it’s not the most silent product that there is. On Good Guys Catalogue Mother’s Day 2020, you can buy the product in black or nickel for $898. And that’s lower than the regular price. It’s not the cheapest product but it’s very efficient.

Check out more gifts from Good Guys Catalogue Mother’s Day 2020 range. Breville the Dual Boiler Espresso machine can be a great gift for a coffee lover. I am a coffee fan and I drink a shot or two everyday. That’s additional to my filter coffee cups. The price of the Breville espresso maker is only $899. And believe me, comparing to other espresso machines, that price is really good.


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