Hair Dryer Kmart Catalogue 4 – 14 May 2017

Kmart Catalogue offers a high quality 2000W hair dryer on pg 27.Hair Dryer Kmart Catalogue 4 - 14 May 2017 If you did not buy a gift for mum, check out that product with a nice price. $15 is the only price you need to pay for hair dryer. On pg 26-27 small accessories, personal care items that are essentials of daily life, are available on sale.

This hair dryer can be used with different speeds. You can also adjust it to operate cool. Filter cover is removable and 26x9x27 cm dimensions, 12 month warranty and price is only $15 ! That’s an amazing price for this kind of dryer. It’s a simple one that do the real job which is expected from a hair dryer. Some make up products and more personal care items are also in the list of what’s on sale at Kmart.

Giftables like these are at Kmart, Target and Big W. Don’t miss out these catalogues if you want to get quality and fair prices.

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