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Read Kmart Catalogue online here. Kmart Australia provides a high-quality clothing range and home products in general. They also got electronic entertainment products, toy sale, and women’s or men’s special care products. For suitable prices, Kmart can provide customers anything with an original presentation. Toy sales of Kmart are generally close to other catalogues. When Christmas comes up they got awesome deals as well.

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Kmart Catalogue Easter Travel Supplies 11 - 20 Apr 2019

Take cool backpacks with you to have a simple method of carrying your stuff around. Backpack roll tops, duffle, and large or small luggage products are in the range of Kmart Catalogue. If you have a plan for camping or anything like that, you might want to see sleeping bags, dome tents, coolers, and more items of the aisle. Discover the nature with safe and quality equipment by Kmart Catalogue Easter sale. You have also portable cooking products like Campmaster stove mega kit which is only $69. That's a new item on a Kmart Catalogue. Travel may also mean boring long roads. If you don't like long hours spent on a bus even if it's very comfortable, I recommend you to explore a range of boredom killers. For example, Bluetooth headphones with a decent sound quality can help you with that issue. Have one of these in your backpack during your journey, pair it with your phone, have fun with the favourite songs of your lists on Spotify or any other apps you like. Find safety accessories for your mobile electronics. Tablet cushion, smart covers, and different colours are in the Kmart Catalogue.

Browse the Easter specials on this catalogue. While you travel, it might be useful to bring a storybook or something for your kids, too. There are some books that are related to the traditions of Easter or characters like Peppa Pig. Kmart Catalogue contains these items on pg 29.

Kmart Catalogue Easter Sleepwear and Toys April 2019

Only five days left before Easter Sunday. Buy activity books or plaster sets for Easter fun. Make your own Easter mask and discover more DIY Products on pg 15. Easter is a time to create something with kids. Check out the pyjamas by Kmart Easter sale on pg 16. Kids' Twoise pyjama sets will cost only $19! Onesies, rompers, pramsuits, and more for kids and babies on pg 17. Kmart sells slipper boots for $15 this week. Fan products of sleepwear range can also be a thing for Easter. Toy story pyjamas are only $16 at Kmart stores this week. Ladies' sleepwear is also on sale. Buy flannel pyjamas for only $9.50. Women's long sleeve nightie will cost only $10!
Men's Jersey sleep pants are also on sale. Buy them for only $10/ea. Men's hoodies, moto hoodies, are on sale. Cute pet costumes, women's slippers, and travel suppliers are also in the latest Kmart Catalogue. These prices might come in handy if you were seeking a good discount on such products.

Sleepwear for kids' and the whole fam:

Kmart Catalogue Easter Chocolate Gift Boxes | Easter Clothing Deals

Kids love 4 things from the Kmart Easter Catalogue this week. The first one is the Lindt and many more brands chocolate gift boxes. Exclusive offers like Lindt Easter egg & bunny, large egg bag, mini's gift pack, and more are available on pg 12. To me, the coolest gifts are the confectionery gift boxes of M&M's, Maltesers and more popular brands on pg 13. Buy Cadbury favorites for only $9.50! Another thing to love is the bunny toys. Friends to the company and protect the kids while they sleep or rest. Kids' bunny onesie costume is only $10 at Kmart.
You can also find novelty stationery items like Easter activity books on this catalogue. Kmart sells these for $5 each. Find Easter on everything in the catalogue. This week's deals on pyjama sets, novelty fleece onesie, slipper boots are available on pg 16-19. Kids' sleepwear and indoor clothing are interesting offers and Kmart's prices are making this shopping easier.

Gift packs of top chocolate brands:

Kids' costumes and bunny toys:

Kmart Catalogue Easter Treats 11 - 20 Apr 2019

A variety of Easter bunnings is available on the first page of the Kmart Easter Catalogue. In this catalogue, you'll be able to browse many items from the sleepwear category, too. Ribbed pyjama set is only $11 and it has Easter bunny print. You might want to redecorate your home with tall Easter bunnies. Kmart offers lower prices for products like Cadbury dairy milk bunny. Cadbury is a leading brand in Easter treats and bunnies of the brand are available on pg 3. See pg 4-5 of the Kmart Catalogue for decorative items. Metallic design of Easter bunnies, eggs, wooden Happy Easter sign and more traditional elements are on sale. Buy Easter egg wreath for only $12 at Kmart stores this week.

Happy Easter fabric treat bag, Easter fluffy chick, and more Cadbury Easter treats are on pg 6&7. Buy Easter chocolate character hunt bag for only $8! Extraordinary items are also available in the range of Easter at Kmart. You can find the whole product range in the content of Kmart Catalogue.

See some of the fine offers from this Kmart Catalogue:

Easter candies and more treats:

Find more Kmart Easter eggs, and toy-chocolate products like Kinder Surprise. Kinder's 6 pack characters will cost only $4. Kmart Catalogue has Lindt and Cadbury Easter products on pg 12-13. All the pages are browsable right now. Follow our Facebook page to get these on your feed. Get emails via subscription which is completely free.

Kmart Catalogue Easter Scentos Toys 4 Apr - 1 May

Having colourful options for stationery products always motivate students to study harder. Scented products of Scentos are markers, highlighters, mini pens, pencils, gel pens, and more. Buy Scentos scented stationery 24 pack for only $8! You can find more Easter toys of the Scentos and Paint Your Own People set on pg 16 of the latest Kmart Catalogue. Kids will enjoy great stories. Check out the book range of Kmart on pg 17. Here We Are Book is gonna cost only $15 and more are available there. Popular games have their toys all the time. If you like games and Marvel characters, visit pg 18 to see its toys. Fortnite Battle Royale collection pack is only $15 at Kmart.
Also, exclusive toys are available this week. Easter toys are Metal Machines Croc Attack Set, T-Rex Attack Set, and more on pg 19. Have a collection of great cars from great movies. Pay only $1 for the Metal machines single vehicles.

Scentos Stationery products:

More toys from Easter toy sale by Kmart:

Exclusive products: