Kmart Toys 28 Mar – 24 Apr Catalogue 2024

School holidays catalogue can offer popular toys and activity kits for kids at affordable prices. Use this catalogue to see a range of great toys that might be interesting for your kids. Perhaps, you can also find decorative toys like vehicles. Rastar 1/43 scale die cast vehicles can be purchase for $5 at Kmart this month. They have toys under $10, $20. There are also Ooshies of Marvel and DC universes.

Wooden toys have a special place in our heart. They are safer than plastic considering they don’t use small metallic parts to produce them. Another thing is the paint. Sometimes plastic toys are dyed with hazardous paints. In short, wooden toys don’t need paint. Also, they look cooler in my opinion although that matter is relative. Go with the classic, wooden toys for kids. They will love it. New 10 piece wooden modular dollhouse bedroom is only $15 this week.

  • Toys under $10, $20 including wooden toys, Barbie, Disney Wooden toys, and more
  • LOL Surprise, Mini Verse, Mini Brands, and more toys
  • $6 Ooshies

Check out these wooden toys in Kmart Catalogue:

Kmart Wooden Toys - Kmart Toys 28 Mar - 24 Apr Catalogue 2024

There are also toys that you can only find at Kmart. Hatchimals Alive! Spring Basket is one of them. Go to page 10-11 for toys like plush characters. Bluey toys, Zuru Rainbocorn Fairycorn, and more are featured toys there.

Kmart Barbie Toys 28 Mar – 24 Apr 2024

Barbie was one of the most popular toy brands last year because of the movie. They have a range of Barbie toys that might be interesting for little ones.

Kmart Barbie Dolls Mar - Apr 2024

You can see many more on Kmart Catalogue. Get more details on their website:

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