Half-Price Dove Deal Big W Catalogue 18 – 31 Jul 2019

Shop Olay, Nivea, L’Oreal and nudebynature for half prices on Big W Catalogue. In the first part of the new catalogue, new discounts up to half prices are the promotional offers this week. A big portion of this deal is Dove and Oral-B products on pg 5. Most of these products are skincare and dental items. But more importantly, in winter, moisturizing products are vital. Winter has a negative side for your skin. Keeping it dry for a long time can result in early aging. However, there are ways to keep it moisturized. Windy weather and indoor air are the worst things to happen to your skin. This is especially true for the months we are in.

How To Prevent Your Skin Getting Dry in Winter?

Use essential oils after taking a bath. You can apply oil to your skin because of the osmosis process. When you are underwater for a long time, it begins to pass through and your skin gets dryer. Also, if it’s possible, use a humidifier at your home to keep your air moisturized, too. The core problem about dry skin is about the humidity of air and keeping it that way will prevent your skin from drying out as well. Alcohol containing products are also bad for your skin. Long showers cause dry skin, too. Keep it shorter than it usually is. And, the temperature is also important. Very hot water is not good, either.

Eat healthy and hydrating foods and drink enough beverage on a daily basis. I am not talking about coffee or tea. Caffeinated products are not perfect to moisturize your skin. Instead, they are close to bad when it comes to dryness. Avoid salty foods as much as possible if want a moisturized skin. Eat healthy fats like Omega-3 and Omega 6 but not snacks. For example, walnuts contain these fatty acids. Big W has deals on some moisturising and personal care deals, too.

Big W Catalogue Personal Care Deals

This is some common knowledge, but you can also moisturizing personal care products like Dove nourishing moisture shampoo. Check out these Big W Catalogue half-price Dove deals below. Not only moisturizing products are in the range.

Check out cover page half-price deals by this catalogue:

Some 40% off deals:

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