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Harvey Norman Catalogue can offer you large product range of home appliances, kitchen appliances, laptops, desktop computers, office supplies, tax time essentials, occassional sales like Christmas, Easter, Anzac day etc. Find here the latest current catalogue with the content full of deals like cashbacks, interest free buying plans etc. Mostly these catalogues are popular for their large ranges. Unlike others Harvey Norman offers several catalogues at the same time. They prefer to separate aisles catalogue by catalogue.

Current Catalogues:

In our posts you will find the list of top deals from the retailer. Browse current catalogue before shopping for this type of items.

Harvey Norman Apple Macbook Air 13.3″ February 2018

One of the advantages of being Macbook Air user is the long battery life. This device can stand for 9 hours whether you play games or watch movies on your laptop. It’s an amazing thing to see in a laptop. Most of them have the power for 4-5 hours at maximum but the 9 hour is a groundbreaking thing. Although it’s a small screen with 13.3″ diagonal length, it is a lightweight and compact product that is perfectly suitable to carry anywhere you want. Most videographers and Youtubers use this machine to edit their videos for the outdoor shootings. They now pack their laptops and bring it to the film set.

Aside from that, this device’s touch bar is fantastic. It’s highly sensitive and some people even use it working in photoshop. Besides, there is not only one version of MacBook computers. MacbookPro, MacBook Pro with higher specs like shared graphics cards, and MacBook Air. They are all available on pg 12 of the Harvey Norman Catalogue.

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Harvey Norman Catalogue Predator Gaming Laptops Feb 2018

Predator is one of the most powerful Gaming laptops. It’s also very famous all around the world and both casual or pro gamers like to play on them. Like many models, it has different setups.

For example, Predator G3-571 has 7th Gen i7 CPU and GTX 1060 graphics with 6GB memory. And it’s full HD IPS. It means your display won’t get messy when you look at the screen from different angles. It runs on Windows 10 obviously. It comes with the PC. The price for this laptop is $2194 while;

Predator GX-792 who has 8th Gen. i7 and GTX 1080 and 17.3″ screen. It’s exactly a pro thing. 8 GB GTX 1080 Graphics will allow you to play the most intense strategy games flawlessly. I think this machine can run most modern games without a single problem. And if you have truly a high-speed internet connection multiplayer games will be so smooth, too. That will give you the advantage. Although we cannot compare desktop computers to laptops, this device is mostly sufficient enough. One of the most powerful gaming computers I have ever seen. Notice that it’s not an SLI graphics card. When you get that you are the king but this graphics card is sufficient. The only doubt in my mind is heating. I am sure such a big laptop has a strong cooling technology but nevertheless, it’s a laptop. Regarding all these issues, that laptop will give you the true gaming experience.

Check out the desktop Predator as well. It has two options. One is GTX 1060 and the other is GTX 1070 which is stronger.

For more gaming laptops like MSI, ASUS Rog and more, check out pg 11 and other pages as well.

Harvey Norman Catalogue Designer Laptops February 2018

Harvey Norman Catalogue Designer Laptops February 2018Lightweight and compact design of 2-in-1 laptops like Microsoft Surface or HP Envy are getting so popular. Mostly, designers, architects, students, business people or people who have anything to do with mobilizing their laptops prefer these devices. I think the most important thing about a lightweight laptop is the price/performance ratio. Mostly if they make it beautiful, it’s a crap, it doesn’t work demanding programs and so on. Leading brands of the industry were aware of this situation in recent years and now they developed a great era of laptops where you can use the 2-in-1 laptops in designing something, photoshopping, drawing 3D models etc. Some of them are even powerful enough to edit your films.

Now it’s possible to get something on a really low budget with the assistance of Harvey Norman Catalogue. Online sales will help you to reach the best products. HP Spectre ceramic white is a classy, good-looking, modern PC. These will help you handle all kind of tasks based on daily usage of computers.

You can build up a work station, gaming laptop and a desktop PC with high-end specs at Harvey Norman. It’s usually great to check out these computers. I sometimes make a list and compare them even if I had no intention to buy something.

Harvey Norman Catalogue Cooktops 3 – 18 February 2018

HN works for the best to be present with these awesome products. Cooktops will be on sale at Harvey Norman stores and this catalogue shows the best ones. Some of the best ones and the ones for every budget can be found on pg 6. The last one to check this week. Trying to reduce the costs of yearly expenses, this kind of home catalogues are so useful.

Leading brands in the industry are available at Harvey Norman. AEG, Bosch, Electrolux, Ariston, Miele and more. Cooktops are important because they also contribute to the look of your kitchen. Modern cooktops are metallic looking and they are much safer than the classic ones. You might want to look at the products on pg 7 where these brands and their amazing new products are available.

Find more classic ones on pg 8. You might need the gas cooktops. Again the same brands have these products on that page. Rangehoods will be needed when you cook with these cooktops. And they are available on pg 9 of the latest Harvey Norman Catalogue.

Harvey Norman Catalogue Ovens February 2018

Harvey Norman Catalogue Ovens February 2018Shop ovens at Harvey Norman Catalogues. They are the best-quality and their prices are the lowest you can find in the market. HN Stores have the availability for everyone. Harvey Norman Catalogue February sale continues with the modern ovens. These products have large volumes for bulky processes. If you are looking for a new oven you are on the correct address to save and get some surprises. You might get a free gift card after purchasing some of these ovens.

AEG, Bosch, Smeg, Electrolux, Westinghouse and more brands with a modern type of cooktops and ovens. They are all available in this Harvey Norman Catalogue. A good and new oven will not only save your day with its effective cooking abilities. It will also reduce the consumption of electricity. Your bills will be cheaper after you have the modern and effective electronics for your kitchen. It’s an easy business. HN prepared everything with lists and catalogues and this stuff. You only need to shop there. Compare their prices and make some kind of a price/performance report for yourself. Decide what to buy finally.