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Woolworths Catalogue Personal Care 19 – 25 Sep 2018

Woolworths Catalogue has personal care as one of its major categories here. The deals are still valid and they will be so until Wednesday. You can find hair care products including shampoos, conditioners and colours. Half-price deals and this week’s discounts like 30% off Rimmel cosmetics are interesting discounts. Find Garnier, Poise and more feminine products on pg 32. Organic baby food is a thing at Woolies. Get 30% off discount on those products.

See good deals from Woolworths Catalogue:

Prices Dropped:

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Aldi Catalogue Deals 26 September 2018 | Oktoberfest

Beauty is a major category in the latest Aldi Catalogue which is the special buys week 39. Renew your stocks with the low prices by Aldi. Johnson’s body wash, Nivea creme tin of 250mL and more products are viewable on pg 2-3. Visit pg 3 for hair products. You can find a hairbrush, Pantene shampoo or conditioner and more at nice prices. ALDI is a German brand and ocassionaly they have special German products in the catalogues. They have emphasized the kitchen products and Oktoberfest food in this one. If you like to celebrate with your family or gather with your friends, making something related to baking can be an option for you. Check out the bakery products of Aldi Catalogue on pg 4-5. Really good deals, durable products, useful things are worth to see. Non-stick bakeware, measuring sets, kitchen scale…
Oktoberfest snacks are cool, too. Browse them on pg 6&7.

Good picks from the beauty deals:

Kitchen Products:

Some of the Oktoberfest snacks and foods:

Another category that will be available on 26 September is the men’s clothing for the new season. Find t-shirts, shoes, shorts, underwear and more at cheaper price. Leather belt will cost only $12.99. For more of the Aldi Catalogue, you can follow our Facebook page to track the deals.

Harvey Norman Catalogue Tv Deals 7 – 23 Sep 2018

You have last two days for the deals on Harvey Norman Catalogue TVs. A great amount of bonus e-Gift cards are available with the purchases of these TVs. Besides, this catalogue showcases the latest technology of Ultra high definition TVs like Sony 65″ TV that is on the first page. You have also the sound bars on sale. The package on the first page is Sonos beam and compact wireless speakers. Pay only $995 and get $50 gift card. $150 gift card for the Sony 65″ 4K TV. Hisense, Panasonic, Sony and more TVs are available on pg 2. Smart LED LCD TV of Sony 85″ 4K resolution is $6495 until 24 Sep. That purchase also means $150 gift card.

Sound products:

Bunnings Catalogue Storage Units Sep 2018

Having tidy working places is always the coolest think about working places. One of the ways to have your tools very well organized is to have a lot of shelves on your walls. However, you usually place the frequently used stuff on those shelves. The rest must be stored in somewhere else. These come the part of storage products which must be stable enough for even standing on them on your feet. Storage units are also possible solutions. If you don’t like to have box shaped things around you, use these storage units like a furniture for they look also good and stylish. You may have drawers for small accessories or hand tools. But sometimes drawers can get messy, too. The storage units are the best if you ask me. That’s because they are showcasing the things I wanna reach immediately whenever I need the stuff. Bunnings Catalogue September product range covers a wide range of products including this kind of stuff that look so useful. Price drops and the discounts are cool enough to draw our attention. 3 products are in the spotlight on pg 6 where the majority of items belong to this category. Flexi, ezy and Montgomery products are available. Remember that Bunnings has a price guarantee. Check out these nice products if you need something in this.

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Big W Catalogue NERF Modulus | Pool Toys | Toy Sale Sep 2018

One of the most popular toys in the recenty years is NERF. You can find NERF Modulus, and other NERF products on pg 13 of the latest Big W Catalogue Toy Sale. Also, figures of WWE, champion belts, Treasure X, Really Rad robots, are available on the same part of the catalogue. Visit pg 12 for a detailed view of all toys. The fun for kids doesn’t end here at Big W. Visit pg 14-15 for pool toys. Summer must be the best time of the year. You have a pool set that is only $49. By the way, you can pay via afterpay and divide the price by 4 for purchases over $50 under $1200. Pools toys seem really interesting and more are also available. Browse the playsets for your backyard. Action Sports 8 station swingset, foot trampolines, Zoingo Boingo. Ride on Bikes will cost only $49. Check out even more products from the bike category, scooters and outdoor products.

NERF Toys and new products:

More toys from the Big W Catalogue: