In recent years, the HyperX brand, which has entered the player equipment sector quickly, attracts attention from professional players with its assertive player equipment. Offering dozens of different product lines from heads-up, player mice, keyboards to other hardware, HyperX is investing heavily in popular mechanical devices in recent years.


With HyperX Alloy FPS, which we will examine today, the HyperX brand, especially the FPS gaming line, grips its arms for its enthusiasts, taking care with its small and fast structure. First of all, I want to talk about the design of the keyboard. At first glance at the keyboard at first glance, the keypad is tenkeyless, meaning there are no numpad keys. This keyboard takes up much less space on your desk, saving you from this part which is not used much by the players. It’s easy to take your keyboard away and take it to wherever you want. The strength of the casing of the keyboard is again a revelation. Alloy FPS, which is built entirely on a steel body, is able to make you feel like you are not going to call the car if you take it with your weight. With its removable braided cable, the keyboard is at its peak in portability, and it is also very successful in covering the keys and feeling of the keys. Ergonomically, the keyboard lacks the greatest lack of any wrist support. The keyboard, which is somewhat high on the ground due to its structure, can force players with small hands like me to play games. I can say that I am having a hard time because I do not have wrist support to reach the keys, I wish HyperX would have found an extra bracelet on the keyboard. This is without a doubt the biggest negative of the keyboard. I have to say that the keyboard has independent LED illumination. The HyperX Alloy FPS, which can only illuminate each key independently, can contribute to its appearance with different light effects, even if it has only red color. Especially when you play at night, you have the chance to turn on and off the intensity of the lights directly on the keyboard without the need for software. This feature is very positive in terms of the practicality of the keyboard. There is also a game mode in HyperX Alloy FPS. After activating this mode with a simple key combination, keys that are not used in the game such as Windows key are deactivated and this allows you to continue your game without causing any problems when you accidentally press in the game. The keyboard comes with three different key options for being a mechanical keyboard. Cherry MX Blue “Tactile, loud feedback” Cherry MX Brown “Tactile, balanced sound and feedback” and Cherry MX Red “Linear, silent and ultra fast” were sold in three different ways. The product that came to us had Brown keys and the feeling was pretty good. Of course, the user will still say the most correct word for the key feelings. I suggest you try before you buy which key is right for you. HyperX Alloy FPS is in search of mechanical keyboard, it is a portable keyboard, it is a good keyboard for players who meet and play with their friends and take their equipment beside them, the problems that are experienced in ergonomics are a bit annoying to the users and big players are not going to be difficult but small players do not buy the keyboard we recommend the experiments first.

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