IGA Christmas 13 – 19 Dec 2023

IGA Christmas 13 – 19 Dec 2023 shows some great offers including half-price deals such as Omo Laundry liquid, Peters Maxibon, Lynx Deodorant, and more on the first two pages. Buy premium quality meat for your Christmas table. One of the meat deals is from the first page. Lamb forequarter chops will be only $12 per kg. They have Christmas hams, too. Save on various hams which are some of the most favourite foods of people for Christmas. Buy Primo, KR Champagne, and more hams for IGA prices on pg 3. Explore these IGA Catalogue deals:

IGA Christmas 13 - 19 Dec 2023

Here are the IGA Christmas ham deals for 13 – 19 Dec:

  • Seven Mile Premium Wood Smoked Quarter Leg Ham $11 kg
  • IGA Picnic Shoulder Ham Bone In $11 kg
  • Australian Half or Whole IGA Leg Ham $8 kg
  • KRC Champagne Ham 600g $15.80 kg
  • Primo Double Smoked Leg Ham 800g $19
  • Primo Ham Loin Deluxe Portion 750g $14 kg

If you like half prices, you can’t skip the first two pages of IGA Christmas 13 – 19 Dec 2023 catalogue:

  • Peters Maxibon, Lynx Deo, Ferrero Rocher Gift Box ½ price
  • Cheezels, Gatorade, Omo, Energizer, Bertolli Olive Oil ½ price

They also have snacks and Christmas chocolate at half prices this week. Save with these IGA offers this week:

  • Doritos Corn Chips, Smith’s Chips 130-175g or Poppable Chips 90g $2.40
  • Cadbury Favorites 340-352g or Toblerone Pralines 180g $8
  • Lindt Lindor Chocolate Gift Box 147‑150g $8
  • Cadbury Favourites Games Tin 600g or Cadbury A Cheer & A Half Gift Box 500g $17
  • Cadbury Chocolate Roses Box 420g $9
  • Cadbury Roses Tin 600g

Find fresh meat, more deli meat, more half-price deals, nonfood and houseware, and specials in the IGA Catalogue 13 – 19 Dec.

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