Jaycar Half-Price Fridge/Freezers

Jaycar offers a new half-price deals in the latest Jaycar Catalogue. Browse them on the first page of the catalogue. 3 products of portable fridge/freezers are half-price sale. Metal Case is not only durable but it is also good for keeping the cold insider. But if you want more mobility, go for the with wheels and battery compartment. It is now $224 which is a huge discount. And it has 55L capacity. Check out these deals on Jaycar Catalogue Christmas sale:

Jaycar Half-Price Fridge:Freezers

  • 25L with metal case $199
  • 35L with battery compartment $299
  • 55L Brass Monkey Portable Single Zone Fridge/Freezer with Wheels and Battery Compartment $224
  • 2 gifts for $30: Mini Boomerang Spinner Drone, Bubble Blower Bazooka, RC Car in a can
  • RC Foldable mini drone with 1080p Camera $99 – save $20
  • 15L Portable Fridge/Freezer with battery compartment $199 – save $100

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