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Jaycar is a centre of electrical products, hardware, security equipment, professional tools, ups and many more products. There are also publishes of Jaycar for scientific purposes. An annual catalogue of Jaycare contains thousands of professional products and hundreds of new ones. It’s a guide for those who want to improve their technology with DIY projects. Being a very useful source, it also guides people the good prices. Download the PDF versions of the annual catalogues. Computer components that are particularly important for mainboard are also in the catalogues of Jaycar. It’s a wonderful place for geeks and professionals who love to make a lot of projects. Since it has many good deals it’s popular amongst people as well. The brand also opens new branches across the whole country. Currently, there are over 200 stores. Long story short, you are able to find the greatest of electrical products and professional guide with these catalogues.

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Jaycar Catalogue 24 Nov - 26 Dec 2021

A month-long Jaycar Catalogue for the holiday season is live currently. You can browse the new deals like soldering kits. If you have a friend who is into DIY electrical projects or if your kids love making toys as well as playing them, I am sure Jaycar Catalogue will be an awesome choice for you and all your friends or family. Kids can build their own toys given the opporutinity. Hydraulic cyborg hand kit is only $39.95. You can find more kits for different toys on the new catalogue. Find a Read More...


Jaycar Catalogue November 2021

Nerdy fellow shoppers will find interesting deals in Jaycar Catalogue November 2021. 3D printers, rechargeable party speakers, and more special Christmas gift products are in the new catalogue. Who doesn't like to get free stuff?. If you want to get a free 16GB microSD card, check that deal on 1080p dash cam on the front page. Because when you buy it, you get that micro SD card free! Redecorate your yard with strip lights for Christmas. White & Orange LED strip light is $49.95. Solar Pane Read More...

Retro NES Case Jaycar Catalogue 24 Jul - 23 Aug 2019

Make your own game station with the electrical DIY products from Jaycar Catalogue. Browse the first page of this catalogue for Retro NES Case which will cost $39.95. You can also buy NES Style controller. Arcade buttons, joystick with microswitches, and interface are also available. Jaycar Catalogue is a fantastic source of good deals on 3D works, too. Save $100 on FlashForge inventor dual filament 3D printer. Pay $1499 for that product today. One of the cover page deals is Engineers ruler. It's a new product at Jaycar. Rotary tool bit set, ESD Safe solder/desolder rework station, and more items. Don't forget to check this Jaycar Catalogue before you buy something for your projects.

Jaycar Catalogue Audio Products May 2019

If you are an enthusiast of high-quality sound and you are never satisfied with what you got, then you may want to get professional tools. Jaycar Catalogue offers a decent product range with phono stereo amplifiers, speaker cables, woofers, etc. These parts may help you improve the hardware. Find useful hardware or essential equipment to repair or improve your audio system. You can follow our Facebook or Twitter pages to get more deals like these.

Jaycar Catalogue Power Products March 2019

If the vitality of your work is dependent on electricity and a shortage of power or lack of it will cause a huge problem, you would need power products. A lot of them including batteries, solar panels, controllers, battery chargers, and more are available in the latest Jaycar Catalogue with prices valid until 24 Mar. Also, browse the accessories like lanterns, mosquito zappers, and more on pg 3. Don't get bored at work. Bring a radio or media player with you. Stereo headphones, portable boom box, phono stereo preamplifier, and more similar products of this category can be useful to get them at a lower price. Jaycar Catalogue also showcases TV products and accessories. Some electrical needs to connect or set up your system are in the range of Jaycar. HDMI splitters, extenders, switchers, and more are available in this part of the catalogue.