JB Hi-Fi Catalogue Hisense UHD TV Deal Nov 2019

JB Hi-Fi Catalogue Hisense UHD TV Deal Nov 2019 cover pageHisense 55″ UHD TV is a smart TV that can run apps like Netflix, Youtube, Stan, and more that are the most popular streaming apps all around the world. It has a 4K resolution featuring HDR. It’s an important thing to have HDR. For example, the God of War is a game that requires HDR for its better quality visuals. However, you can still play it even though your TV doesn’t have it. The TV can connect to your Wi-Fi. 4 HDMI inputs, 2x USB Ports. Standard. 16 million colours should also be noted when you consider buying such a TV. You would probably buy an external high-quality sound system but the TV also has Dolby digital sound. Also, the manufacturer provides a 3-year warranty for the product. Enjoy your favourite movies for only $595. The stocks are limited. Even a better discount is available on the same page. Save $600 on 65″ QLED TV of Samsung. It’s also a 4K TV. QLEDS apparently have a great impact on TV and cinema lovers because Samsung keeps advertising these. This Samsung QLED TV is $1895 currently with limited stocks on JB Hi-Fi Catalogue and in-store.

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