JB Hi-Fi Catalogue TV Deals 13 – 19 Feb 2020 | New Prices

JB Hi-Fi Catalogue TV Deals 13 - 19 Feb 2020 | New PricesBuy top 5 brands of computers 20% off this week at JB Hi-Fi stores. Asus, Lenovo, HP, Dell, Acer have all great computers including the ones with gaming hardware. Samsung and Hisense TVs with 4 different models are going to be on sale this week. If you like to experience something like a theatre in your living room, I suggest you buy a really big LED TV. 190cm Ultra HD Hisense LED TV will cost $400 off. LG and TCL TVs will be 15% off until 16th Feb. 8 different TVs of these brands can be seen on pg 2. JB Hi-Fi Catalogue TV Deals might help everyone seeking a good deal on 4K TVs.

I have a really small living room. Therefore, I usually sit in front of the TV and I see it directly. Having a really big living room might be tricky and in that case, one might need an IPS TV which happens to allow everyone from all angles to watch. This catalogue can offer you a good deal on one of them. 75″ Ultra HD HDR Smart LED TV is a 4K IPS screen. 15% off now. Buy it for $1485 at this store.

More deals from the LG and TCL TVs from JB Hi-Fi Catalogue TV Deals:

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