JB Hi-Fi Catalogue TV Sellout 21 – 27 Feb 2019

You might want to check out the top brands of JB Hi-Fi Catalogue TV Sellout because there are so many good options. 4K resolution, smart TV and big screen are not only features of these products. They also offer long-term service. QLED TVs are now getting more popular. Samsung HD QLED 4K Smart TV is one of the products here. It offers 200Hz refresh rate, Q HDR, Q color, Q contrast which is way better than old technology. You will now get to the original quality of a movie. Q color TVs offer a wide range of colors for Ultra HD movies and TV shows. It also has a huge impact on brightness and contrast. Also, this TV is always on with something. You don’t need a black screen. Samsung Q6 will show you weather, time or photos while it’s on standby. (Ambient Mode). Now, JB Hi-Fi offers $303 off on this product. Pay only $1495 for Samsung Q6 55″ Series 4K QLED TV!

If you are looking for bigger HDR 4K TV, you can find it on the same page. 65″ Ultra HD Smart LED LCT TV of LG has LG AI ThinQ which is kind of an interface that will help you move through the features. JB Hi-Fi offers free local delivery for this TV which is $1395 this week. The product is a smart TV. So, apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Stan, Youtube, Spotify and many more can be run with this TV. HDR effect is another feature. That feature is important for gamers, too. Some PS4 or Xbox One Video games require HDR for the ultimate quality of the picture. God of War was one of those recent games.
Moreover, you will find recent games to play on these TVs. Visit pg 3 for Xbox One S, Anthem, and more console games with a 20% discount this week.

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