Kmart Catalogue 28 Jul – 21 Aug Servingware

Kmart Catalogue offers a classy looking servingware list of options in the pg 19-25. Dual dispenser, candy jar, jug with cork lid and many more products are featured on pg 19. Linen look belge table cloth and other dinnerware products are also featured in pg 19.Kmart Catalogue 28 Jul - 21 Aug Servingware

Black always looks cool in anywhere. In your kitchen comfort meets with style and Kmart offers the best possible prices for such products. Take a look at the new Kmart Catalogue Servingware on pg 20. You won’t believe how classy Browse matte block dinnerware will look in your table.

Matte block dinnerware $2 ea
Beaker Jug $5
Placemats $2
Matte block salad bowl $6
3 piece acacia platter with bowls or 6 piece acacia board with bowls $15
Santarini glassware $>12 ea

Find more products for serving for the perfect moments. Your guests will be amazed by these awesome products. Don’t miss out anything. You have 1 week to go with these products.

Stainless steel jug $15
Spliced dinnerware $2
Placemat $2
Set of 3 bowls with paddle $15
Set of 6 beaker glasses $9
2 piece salad servers $8

These are also priced at fair values. You can check out the latest Kmart sale on pg 21. Marble is the new black and Kmart offers it on pg 22. On pg 24 you may find kitchen appliances. If you check out other categories you can find similar products.

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