Kmart Catalogue Back To School 10-30 January

Kmart Catalogue Back to School 10-30 January makes it easy to shop high quality products at low prices. The stationary part of this catalog has a wonderful product range. It’s really hard to decide what to buy. Also, the clothes region has the top quality products such as shoes, t-shirts, and tracksuits. On page 27 you can check kids underwear.


In this Catalogue, you can find anything which comes to your mind about stationary. Let’s check some of the items. Here are some good prices, 36 colored pencil is $ 3,00, 48 pages notebook is 15 cents, Illustrated unicorn lunch bag is $8,00. If your kids love to paint and write, encourage them with these items. But first, you have to make a shopping list. Here are some good picks for you.

Lunchbox and Backpack

There are two kinds of high-quality backpacks on page 14, the prices are very affordable $4,00 and $12,00. The functional backpack is the life saver of all mothers. 5 pieces backpacks bundles include a backpack, pencil case, water bottle, ruler and key ring. If you want to buy irresistible assorted bottles check on page16.

School Clothes

An important category that is worth seeing is clothes. Crew Jumpers, School shoes, school sneakers, shirts, Cargo shorts, and plain crew tee are available with good prices. 6 colors of school shirts are waiting for you. They are good quality and tumble dry safe. In addition to that bike shorts and microfiber, shorts are on page 24.

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