Kmart Catalogue Christmas Sale 7 – 20 December 2017

Kmart Catalogue Christmas Sale 7 - 20 December 2017Decoration, accessories and party supplies at Kmart Catalogue Christmas Sale 7 – 20 December. Redecorate your home with the products of Kmart Catalogue. A various selection of gifts and accessories are contained in the first part of this catalogue.

Discover the products like inflatable sumo suit, popcorn maker on pg 2. A really original selection of products are present in this catalogue. Gift candles, cloud tray accessory set and more are available on pg 3. A little bit retro touch from your childhood can add something colourful to your decoration.

Accessories you can find on pg 5 will cost only $5 each. Kmart offers mega boxing gloves, vegemite jar, personalized nutella jar and more on pg 6. Also, electronic gifts are on sale. Get a new VR Box for only $10. Gift wrapping deals will be valid on pg 8. Christmas tree bag, light storage, and retro style popcorn makers are available on pg 9-10.

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