Kmart Catalogue Easter Scentos Toys 4 Apr – 1 May

Having colourful options for stationery products always motivate students to study harder. Scented products of Scentos are markers, highlighters, mini pens, pencils, gel pens, and more. Buy Scentos scented stationery 24 pack for only $8! You can find more Easter toys of the Scentos and Paint Your Own People set on pg 16 of the latest Kmart Catalogue. Kids will enjoy great stories. Check out the book range of Kmart on pg 17. Here We Are Book is gonna cost only $15 and more are available there. Popular games have their toys all the time. If you like games and Marvel characters, visit pg 18 to see its toys. Fortnite Battle Royale collection pack is only $15 at Kmart.
Also, exclusive toys are available this week. Easter toys are Metal Machines Croc Attack Set, T-Rex Attack Set, and more on pg 19. Have a collection of great cars from great movies. Pay only $1 for the Metal machines single vehicles.

Scentos Stationery products:

More toys from Easter toy sale by Kmart:

Exclusive products:

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