Kmart Catalogue Easter Toy Sale 4 Apr – 1 May 2019

Did you see the Tony Stark in an Avengers suit in one of the latest trailers? If you are hyped about the most anticipated Marvel movie, you will probably like that Iron Man Avengers suit toy on pg 3 of the Kmart Catalogue. Exclusive toys of Kmart Catalogue are also available this week. More Marvel character toys are also among the options of Easter gifts. Captain Marvel figure is gonna cost $24. Interactive games like Jumanji that is an exclusive one and its price are only $25! Play with your friends to enjoy the holidays. Easter toy range of Kmart also covers Toy Story characters like Buzz bot. It will cost only $49 this week. One of my favourites from the toy sales of Kmart Catalogue is the electric cars that are really cool. For example, PJ Masks light and sound 6V ride on is also an exclusive with a $79 price. LEGO Movie 2 sets are available with the guaranteed prices by Kmart. If you find the identical product with a lower price elsewhere, they’ll match that price. Look for Harry Potter, Barbie, collectable toys, and art-craft toys on the Kmart Catalogue.

Check out some nice toy prices and Avengers characters on the catalogue:

Browse wooden toys that look cool and cute at the same time. Wooden carry petshop playset will cost $12! LEGO Sets like Friends, Classic, and LEGO Movie 2 are available with new prices on pg 8-9.

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