Kmart Catalogue Fitness Products 21 Feb – 13 Mar 2019

Kmart has a new fitness range on this catalogue. The deals are effective until 13 Mar. Boost your performance with indoor training. Get your favourite type of equipment, train in the intervals when are you bored at home. Recovery is an important final step of the muscle building. To do the recovery exercises, yoga moves, pilates exercises, you might need the products that are available on pg 8-9. Moreover, trampoline, foldable abdominal trainer, and yoga mats are in this range of products.

Recovery, yoga mats, and more:

If you don’t want to build muscles, strengthen your punch, or focus on your appearance a little bit, then you need the cardio for losing weight and keeping your heart healthy. Make your blood run freely all over your body. Feel better after a biking session. If you need a decent bike for casual or exercising biking mornings, browse the details of city bikes on pg 10-11. Dual suspension bikes are comfortable to ride, easy to handle, and they don’t occupy huge spaces. Just a corner of your backyard is enough to store these. You can also use your car’s bike rack for nature journeys.

Find cardio bikes and balls on pg 12-13. Spalding NBA slam basketball is only $19!

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