Kmart Catalogue Home Sale 14 May 2015

Enter Kmart’s world of home products with these catalogues. Kmart Catalogue Home Sale 14 May 2015They got always brilliant offers for all. Kmart catalogue home sale 14 May is a great list of products like appliances, kitchen ware, sports products, shoes, entertainment and electronics, stationery and office products, beauty and in general this is a great home sale !


Take a look at full sale of Kmart Catalogue.

Kmart Catalogue Home Accessories

It cannot be passed that lighting is a very important factor in decoration of bedroom, living room, hall and even outdoor. Because of this importance you might need high quality and fairly priced products of lamps, and of course accessories of decorative theme.
In general categories are bedding, kitchen, decoration, bathroom and laundry essentials.

Kmart Catalogue Bedding

Bedding range of Kmart Catalogues generally introduce us quilts, quilt covers, blankets. These are the ones which most customers are looking for in order to set a real comfort in winter. Check out these prices by Kmart Catalogue Home Sale 14 May !
Blanket $29
Jacquard Coral Fleece Blankets $20 pg; 4
Wool Blended Jacquard Blankets $35
Micro Plush Blankets $29
Check out pillows and sheet sets on pg; 9.
Beautiful blankets for winter on pg; 6&7.
Kids’ bedding products on pg; 10&11.
Storage and sheet sets for kids room pg; 12&13.

Kmart Living Room and Hall Accessories

To add color in your house you need some kind of accessories in most cases. Kmart offers prices you will love in this section. You can reach a very nice product selection of accessories. Kmart became an icon to shop for the lowest price to me.
Storage unit 8 cube $39 pg; 14
Casual comfortable chair $49
Knitted ottoman in charcoal $29
Wall art and other living room accessories on pg; 15.

Kmart Light and Rugs

These two categories are finishing touch to your combination in especially living room. Floor lamps would go with everywhere. Use them in your bathroom, bedroom, hall, outdoor. They won’t look weird. Also you can use table lamp in places like working rooms, dining rooms, but mostly they are kept in living room or guest rooms.
Floor Rug $29
Paris Blackout Curtain $20
Knitted Ottoman $29
Wooden Tamble lamp $20
Ceramic Table lamp $15
Pineapple Lamp $20

We will continue with Kmart kitchen products and laundry in the next post.

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