Kmart Catalogue Hot Wheels, RC Toys Christmas 29 Nov – 12 Dec 2018

Remote Control vehicles like drones, ATVs, robotic t-rex and more toys are available on pg 13. Browse the Hot Wheels toys on pg 12. One of the symbols of all Australian toy sales and favourites of toy lovers is the Hot Wheels packs. You can see several good deals on Hot Wheels toys on pg 12. Browse the details of Monster Truck mover, Criss Cross crash track set, Ringo of fire stunt case, track builder race crate and more.

Kmart Catalogue Christmas toy sale also has educational toys and Paw Patrol products on pg 14-15. Vtech toys are used by many families to support the educational process of a child. Kitchen toys like the wooden kitchen, plane playset, 3-in-1 art easel, and more.

Kitchen toys and more fun for kids:

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