Kmart Catalogue Kitchen 2 – 22 Feb 2017

Optimize your kitchen and the expenses with Kmart’s kitchen range on the Kmart Catalogue 2 – 22 Feb 2017. Kmart Catalogue Kitchen 2 - 22 Feb 2017It’s one of the best ways to save on kitchen appliances, cookware, servingware, electronic products. Cutlery sets and minimalist products to save money and space for your home are all featured in this catalogue. Kmart’s been in this business for long years and its squad knows what is good for you. On pg 5 serving ware has been featured. On pg 6&7 blenders, toasters and like-class appliances. 12 month warranty will be yours once you have this catalogue. Shop for bowls and cutlery sets, on pg 11. This Kmart Catalogue is full of serving ware. I collected them in one piece because its is spread all over the catalogue.

On pg 5 bowls and glassware.

Brass look grid trivet $5 pg 5
Matte Finish bowl $2
20 cm Matte finish side plate $2
Hiball glasses $8
Mirror Coasters pk of 6 $6

Cutlery sets and different looks on pg 11:

16-piece cutlery set $19 pg 11
Glazed small bowl $3
Stockholm grinders $12
Matte finish spreader $1
Paddle board $3

Mugs and plates, bowls are available on pg 12.

Mug – grey dash $2
Cereal bowl $2
Glass bottle with cork topper 1L $5
Speckled bowl $2
Speckled side plate $2

More than these, the idea of making your kitchen simpler is not bad at all. Simplicity comes with the modern, minimalist products including appliances and their design. On pg 6&7 kitchen appliances like toasters, kettles, blinders etc. are featured. Their pricecs are Kmart’s low prices and you will get what you need in this product range.

Mini blender with bottles $30 pg 6
1.5L glass blender $39
Digital blender $49 1.5L
Marble board $15
Tinted glass canister $5
Mesh bowl $8
4-slice steel pattern toaster $39
Matte finish bins $25
Large chrome dish rack $15

More products are featured there. Furthermore, modern and simple kitchen appliances and furniture are continued to be advertised on pg 12-13. Don’t miss out any of these awesome products.

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