Kmart Catalogue Living Room Accessories 28 Jul – 21 Aug

Kmart Catalogue Living Room Accessories 28 Jul – 21 Aug 2016 featuring furniture and trendy concrete look lighting products are available on pg 4&5. You can see items from $5 in these pages. Awesome modern look very well fit in your room can handle all the details in your entire home. Don’t miss out anything from this beautiful range.Kmart Catalogue Living Room Accessories 28 Jul - 21 Aug

Stockholm lip side table $25 pg 4
Morrocan Ottoman – Black $29
Brooklyn concrete pendant light $20
Concrete look clock $12
Verona Frame – Concrete 4″x6″ $6

Own a new green sofa that has the patterns of comforts and first class. Check out these beautiful product range for your living room on pg 6&7. The lowest prices you may find in the living room furniture of Kmart Catalogue:

Book shelf storage $49
Shaggy rug $49
Coffee Table $35
Industrial ladder bookshelf $49

Living room furniture and accessories can be purchased on pg 6&7:

Cork trim vase $9 pg 7
Pegboard 3-drawer unit $12
Industrial entertainment unit $49
Black Metal stacking chair $35
Wire storage table – black $19
Abstract urban canvas print $14
Journey printed canvas frame $12

View more beautiful products that will fit in your house. Revolution is hidden in the details of style of your choice of furniture. Everything is in your hand and it’s not hard to achieve a simple, cozy alternative with using Kmart Catalogues.

Strap wall shelf $19 pg 8
Circle print frame $14
Marble top wire table $29
Locker Entertainment unit $69

Shiny spring evolution occurs in your home. Lighting, decorative accessories and good looking storage products are featured on pg 9.

Brass plated hanging planter $6
Brass coloured cantilever table lamp $25
Brass look bins $25
Kara Soap dispenser $9
Succulents in brass pot $9
Brass coloured tray $7
Manhattan side table $29
Round Wire basket $12

Living Room furniture and decoration are placed on pg 10-11. Check out the details of new items at Kmart Catalogue. Don’t miss out these price range for your living room.

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