Kmart Catalogue Mother’s Day Indoor Clothing 2 – 12 May 2019

Buy coral fleece gown as a gift for Mother’s Day. Its price is only $18 at Kmart stores. Fleece nightie, jacquard fleece gown, flannel pants, and more warming clothing are available on sale. Kmart sells these with irresistible prices. Check out 4 different sleepwear items on pg 19. Women’s long sleeve pyjama set is gonna cost only $8. Brushed tops, pants, band cuffed pants, slipper boots, and more are possible gifts for the Mothers Day. Not only sleepwear is the major sale of Kmart Mother’s Day Catalogue. Casual fashion is one of the best things to see in this catalogue.

Fashion in Autumn with loose cut dresses, scarves, printed flats, and more can be seen in the Target Catalogue. An example of this style is demonstrated on pg 22 with a very successful image. Ruffle hi-low skirt, ponte flare skirt, v-neck slouch jumper, and similar clothing items are gifts at Target. Everyone likes to wear accessories like gloves in Autumn. A blanket scarf is a very popular choice for ladies who like to wear v-neck clothing. It will cover your neck with a very soft and lightweight touch.

Casual clothing and accessories:

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