Kmart Catalogue Outdoor Toys 20 Sep – 17 Oct 2018

Kids should spend their energy and time outside a lot when the weather is better. This is their instinct and they love to ride scooters and bikes. No matter their generation is, kids have always been fond of bikes and scooters in 20-21st centuries. Find bikes for double-digit prices and roller shoes on pg 24-25. You can buy an $18 scooter at Kmart this week. The store sells Grey Kick scooter for only $18! Blasters of Laser X and Nerf are also outdoor toys. They are so much fun and one of the few toys that kids actually enjoy nowadays. Packs of Nerf and Laser X are on sale. Sometimes they make cool videos and create stories with these toys. Ride-on, archery target, basketball set, pool are on pg 27. Find more outdoor fun for kids on pg 28-29.
Trampoline is probably the best thing about toy sales because they are a good sport for kids. Every kid likes to jump repeatedly and it’s safest to do that on a trampoline. See bikes, scooters, trampolines, pools, blasters, playsets and more outdoor toys in this Kmart Catalogue.

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