Kmart Catalogue Stationery January Deals

If your intention is to make a great deal with Kmart you can consider yourself in the correct place to seek for the Kmart Catalogue Stationery January Dealssavings because Kmart catalogue stationery January deals are exactly about the great deals for the products essential for the new semester of the school in January-February season. Don’t miss out this chance for saving a lot in this month and take a look at the new enlarged product range of the Kmart Catalogue prepared for students. This week stationery range is full of great advice. Colorful pens varieties, note books and basic products will be yours for great prices ! Amazing offers are featured by this catalogue. School range is consisting of colorful markers, pencil, pack of this type of products and stickers on pg; 2. Next you can check out the note books. A more beautiful range is available on pg; 6&7 where the different styles of pencil cases can be seen. There the new texture books, notebooks with hard cover are also placed for you.
* Assorted large pencil cases, $6
* Back to school 24 pack colored permanent markers, $8
* A4 visual art diary, $4
* Weekly Planner, $3
* 59 piece coloring set, $3

More of the notebooks and necessary accessory range of the Kmart catalogue stationery are available on the latter pages. Also a Dymo handheld labeller can be purchased this week. Its price is only $29 and it is useful to print small labels to categorize your notes or something.


Pretty nice bottles are featured by Kmart Catalogue on pg; 12-13 which provided bottles that every child would desire to own. They are really worth to see. Please visit display page to see these products.
* 710 mL printed Tritan bottle, $7
* NEW chill factor 600 mL , color changing drink bottles, $15
* Assorted aluminium bottles, $5
* 651 mL diamante bottle, $7
And more of similar on pg; 13.

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