Kmart Catalogue Toy Story 4 27 Jun – 24 Jul 2019

Many toy brands have new toys for Toy Story 4. It’s a very popular toy theme right now and the hype is real for the movie. Browse the Imaginext Toy Story characters on pg 10-11 of the latest Kmart Catalogue toy sale. Talking Buzz, Talking Jessie, Bullseye, basic vehicle, and more characters are your characters on that part. Also, see more character play toys. For example, Paw Patrol ride n rescue vehicle, HQ Playsets, Disney Pixar products, and LEGO are available on pg 12-13. Some toys there are exclusive to Kmart.

The good part about these Toy Story characters is that you have the packs. Surely, you can buy single characters, too but having them in packs look cooler. Woody and Karate Buzz look better together in the packs. You can decorate your furniture with these characters. Currently, these prices should be valid. Subscribe to the newsletter to get these as emails for completely free.

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