Kmart Catalogue Training Products Feb 23 – 8 Mar 2017

Most people prefer going to gym for motivation since feeling of being alone effects the will of exercising daily. But it’s perfectly possible to handle your daily training at home. Kmart Catalogue Training Products Feb 23 - 8 Mar 2017If you have the proper equipment you can do a lot. There are tens of ways to exercise at home. Push-ups, plates moves, squat jumps and many more moves can help you with protecting your body from being getting bulky. Boxing is a good way of exercising. Work out with the products Kmart Catalogue offers on pg 10-11. Well prices, a great presentation and profitable shopping are waiting in-store or online.

Of course you need comfortable, durable, healthy clothing products for exercising. Work out with seamfree tee and compression tights which are pretty popular and useful wear for sports. Also see weights and harder work on pg 12-13.

Black rubber-made easy-to-use medicine ball 5kg is a great tool to work your muscles. You can also work your stomach. Getting something around at home might encourage you to workout more.

Hexagonal dumbbell 10 kg $25 pg 13
Porta Bars – set of 2 $35
Portable plyo box $35

Magnetic Exercise Bike $89 pg 15
Therapy roller $15
Suspension Trainer $20
Mini Exercise Bike $29
Aerobic Stepper $20

See runner shoes on pg 19 and socks on pg 20 for current Kmart prices. Enjoy shopping.

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