Kmart Catalogue Vacuum Cleaners 1 – 21 February 2018

Kmart Catalogue Vacuum Cleaners 1 - 21 February 20182400W Bagless Vacuum is a handy tool to clean your home. It’s simple and lightweight. 3.5L capacity for the dust and stable parts of it will give you the opportunity to use it for long years. If you need a simple product to clean your room you can get it for only $99 at Kmart stores. Visit pg 31 to check out this product for details. Another bagless vacuum is also available at Kmart. That one has 2000W power and it is only $48. Pretty much like the previous one, it is a handy product to clean small places like kids bedrooms or if you have a small office, there is no need to pay $500 for a vacuum cleaner.

All the vacuum cleaners are available on pg 31. If you don’t like the type of those bagless vacuums, I would recommend you to have a look at the stick vacuums. There are 2 of them in the catalogue. 2 in 1 corded stick vacuum is a 600W and it’s aimed to be a casual cleaner. If something with a lot of particles or small pieces spill all over your ground this can handle it. It’s a lot cheaper than the other ones. Pay only $29 for that vacuum.

Another home appliance that can be used for regular cleaning of your home, is the steam mop. The steam mop can clean your floors. It’s really handy, lightweight and sufficiently powerful to battle against dirt on your floors. All these products can be seen on pg 30. Normally a bigger hand-held vacuum was available. But now it’s gone on the official site. So check out if something is suitable for you.

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