Kmart Catalogue Women’s Casual Clothing 14 Mar – 3 Apr 2019

2 weeks of savings on casual wear with Kmart Catalogue. Irresistible prices of dresses, jackets, trench coat and more are perfect deals from the Autumn fashion by Kmart Catalogue. An overview of what Kmart sells for ladies is available on pg 4-5. Products from different categories like shoes, a denim jacket, skinny ankle jeans, some beauty products, and more will be in the Kmart Catalogue with the prices effective until 3 April.
Denim is a popular fabric in three major catalogues this week. Types of jeans are available on pg 7. Bootleg, jogger, shapewear ankle, high rise, and more pants are in that range. Shop casual and comfortable products. Compared to jeans, these loose cut skirts, tie sleeve tees, and more can feel a bit cosier. Complete your style with the Autumn deals of Kmart Catalogue. Browse the great offers of shoes, handbags, walking shoes, flats, and more items on pg 10-15. Don’t forget to see the underwear sale for ladies. Bra, brief, sleepwear, and more products are on sale.

Denim clothing and more casual clothing:

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