Kmart Kitchen Products Last Day 03 June 2015

Kmart kitchen products are available on the latest catalogue.Kmart Kitchen Products Last Day 03 June 2015 Kmart offers fry pans, blenders, food processors, sandwich press and similar sort of products that you can view on pg; 18&19. Kmart fry pans are available on pg; 18. Generally Tefal fry pan varieties are sold at Kmart stores with these catalogue prices. On the official page of Kmart you can watch a video about Tefal fry pans.

The price for Tefal fry pan is $29 but this can vary upon the size of the fry pan. Please go pg; 18 for the details.

Toasters, and waffle maker are featured on pg; 19. Check out this new sale of the Kmart Catalogue.
Homemaker waffle maker $29 pg; 19
Jeanie White Kettle 1.7 L $39
Long Steel toaster $35
Homemaker 2000 W induction cooker $49
Homemaker mini blender $30

Kmart has got good looking stuff for your kitchen. These products are both good looking and well priced. You will love the prices and looks of the items which can be found at the Kmart’s catalogue. These prices are valid until tomorrow.
Set of 3 rectangle glass bakers $17 pg; 20
Benchtop convection oven $69
Homemaker 25 L stainless steel front microwave $89
12 L convection oven $39
2 Stainless stock pots $19 pg; 21
Homemaker 7 L pressure cooker $49

Even more products are featured on this catalogue. Servingware and glassware items are sold on the pg; 22-23. Please go the preview for the closer look on these products.
54 piece dining start set $35 pg; 21
Soup mug $3
Woven placemat $2
40 L stainless steel round touch bin $39
10 pack clip container $16 pg; 23

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