Kmart Marvel Ultimate Protectors Pack

Discover new toys on the latest Kmart Catalogue. Popular characters of Marvel are the figures of popular culture in the toy world. If you want to see the toys of your favourite heroes or characters from movies like “How to Train Your Dragon”. However, there is a negative side of that toy to me. No Thor in the pack. Spider-Man, Iron Man, Cap, Hulk, and even Ant-Man there but no Thor. I won’t buy it. Thor is my favourite character from the MCU and I won’t buy a set of characters from the MCU without Thor. Correct me if I am wrong but I can’t spot my hero there. However, if you love these characters enough to pay $35 for the pack, buy that exclusive toy at Kmart. It’ll be available at Kmart only. More than that, shop toys of Transformers, plush toys of How to Train Your Dragon, Pomsies Lumies, and more toys on pg 12-13.

Moreover, Kmart Catalogue has cool action toys. Buy that Kmart Marvel ultimate protectors pack and Bakugan toys for the catalogue prices.

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