Kmart Mother’s Day Gifts 23 Apr – 10 May 2020 | Kmart Catalogue

Kmart Mother's Day Gifts 23 Apr - 10 May 2020 | Kmart CatalogueShop clothing gifts for mum this month. Kmart offers quite a few deals on indoor clothing and sleepwear. Products like a slouchy super soft top, v-neck brushed rib top, gown, and more are on the first page of the Kmart Catalogue.  A piece of stylish accessories might be a subtle gift, too. The second and third page of this catalogue shows the price range of products which are admittedly perfect for middle-aged ladies. It’s classic and maybe cliché but being different doesn’t work always. Buy a blocked chain crossbody bag for only $9 at Kmart. If your mother has a job where she needs to carry some coffee or tea in the mornings, consider buying a stainless steel thermal flask. They can keep a hot beverage for hours. Some of them are top tier and they can keep it hot for at least 10 hours. Stanley is a good brand of those flasks.

Onesies, sleepwear, nighties, and more products of the same category are available on pg 4-5. View the latest Kmart prices on these products. Long sleeve flannel pyjama set will cost $15. Browse these deals of Kmart Mother’s Day Gifts 23 Apr – 10 May:

This catalogue covers coats and knitwear, too. Find some nice deals including $15 K-price on knit jumpers on pg 12. Chocolate boxes, mug set, kitchen appliances, scarfs, and more items are available in this range. Subscribe to the category and get more deals of Kmart Mother’s Day Gifts. This way, you will receive catalogues in your inbox.

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