Kmart Stand Mixer Gift for Mother’s Day

Kmart Stand Mixer Gift for Mother's DaySee the deal on die cast stand mixer on Kmart Catalogue. A stand mixer can cost hundreds of dollars. However, you will need to pay only $119 for the stand mixer, which can be a great gift for this Mother’s Day, by Kmart. 12 speed control, 4.6L steel bowl. You can prepare dough, make cake mix, and the accessories come with the product. Go to, open the catalogue and visit pg 19 for this product. When you click on the product, you’ll find the nearest store information. It’s the stores which got this product in stocks. On the catalogue, there is only buy in-store option. The design is just a classic stand mixer design. Nothing fancy about it. But the price matches what you expect from a product like that.

We are all staying at home. You might seek ideas for what to do with stand mixer. First of all, it’s obviously mainly for type of sweets like a cake. But you can do these things, too:

  • Quickly shred chicken breasts
  • Prepare a pizza dough
  • Mashed potatoes! – This is amazing.
  • You can make creams out of butter for your coffee
  • Make your own pasta!
  • Ice cream – with an attachment, you can make ice cream.

This is like a professional equipment for your kitchen. There might be lots of more creative ideas on the internet. Look for recipes online. The price is only $119 and I think it’s a great gift by Kmart Catalogue this week. Kmart Stand mixer gift is just a part of the entire Mother’s Day range of the store. Subscribe to receive similar posts in your inbox.

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