Kmart Summer Specials Catalogue 1 – 6 Jan 2016

SUMMER ESSENTIALS BY KMART Kmart Summer Specials Catalogue 1 - 6 Jan 2016

Let’s make great holiday with family and friends on the beach . In Kmart you can find everything what you need for have a great rest . Kmart offers you nice Beach Umbrella just for 12$. It will hide you from sun because first of all you have to care about your health. Also you can assemble a set of beach. You can make it from outdoors cushions just for 9$ each , beach cooler just for 10$. Beach tote cooler for 10 $ and striped beach chair for 12$. They are all in the same colorful striped it can be great summer set of beach which you can always use and it will make really great summer mood !

What can be great than stay on the beach with friends and make bonfire and sing with them near it . So of course you will need tent for stay and Kmart offer you it just for 29$. With it your holiday will not finish after sunset you can continue , it will be unforgettable . Sure this stuff you can use not just on the beach , it very useful when you are going in hike in wood or to make picnic in the countryside . And this everything you can get really at an affordable price. Don’t miss this sale ! Kmart  always knoe how to help you to  make you free days better.

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