Kmart Top Toys From Catalogue September 2019

Very interesting toys are available in this catalogue. Instead of buying standard toys that everyone has, you might want to go with the exclusive products of LEGO, Barbie, and Metal Machines T-Rex at Kmart stores this week. Crocodile illusion costume is $15 and similar costumes are also possible to find in the catalogue. Kmart has one of the best things about a catalogue. $10 or $20 under toys are collected in one place. Visit pg 4-5 to see toys below these prices. Some of them are only at Kmart. For example, buy supersizing hideout pack for $4 which is an exclusive toy deal.
Kmart has “role-play” toys such as wooden market stall and wooden kitchen. The interesting thing about these job toys is that I never witnessed a toy of a boring job like an accountant. You never see a toy for a lawyer. I guess there is only little play in the area of such professions. See Doctor tools, dollhouse, and more classic toys there. Pre-school toys are also in the catalogue. I recommend Toy Story 4 characters, too. They got some exclusive items there. Kmart Catalogue shows the price range of collectibles.

Kmart top toys from this catalogue are available on pg 2-3:

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