Kmart Toy Sale Catalogue 1 – 9 Dec 2015

KMART KIDS SMART Kmart Toy Sale Catalogue 1 - 9 Dec 2015

All the fun you need is in this catalogue. Kmart’s mind developing and entertainer toys are here. Your kids will have fun and learn at the same time. Kmart knows which toys are the best for your kids and from adventurous water wars to freezing castles, crazy concerts to car racing… Any kind of fun you are looking for is at Kmart.

Every kid wants to become a hero. Now it is possible. You can make your kids’ dream come true. Nerf N-Strike Elite Mega Thunderbows and Super Soakers are perfect for adventurous kids. So, they could join in the world of the super heroes. Speaking of them, you can reach Marvel Avengers and LEGO Super Heroes at Kmart. Also, radio control cars and amazing diecast garage playsets for your cars would be a great duo.

Moreover, your kids can live in an ice castle with assorted Shopkins plushes, My Little Pony character pack and hologram animal plushes. Kinetic sand build ice castles are only at Kmart! Do not miss this opportunity! Mind developing toys as LEGO Dimensions Fun Pack will help your kids be more creative and improve their eye – hand coordination. Also, your kids can sharpen their musical intelligent and improve their drawing ability.Kmart also cares about your kids’ health and so, we use no carcinogenic material in our toys.

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