Kmart Toy Sale Catalogue LEGO Toys and Marvel Costumes July 2015

Kmart Catalogue toys make these days the most joyful of the whole year for all children with these brands of toys. Kmart Toy Sale Catalogue LEGO Toys and Marvel Costumes July 2015LEGO is probably the most appearing toy brand on the Kmart Catalogues. You can see new price for LEGO City, Ninjago, Friends, Pirates, Agents, Technic road and even more series of LEGO toys. Educational side of LEGO is helping children mentally grow with ease and speed. Constructional toys are also available in the LEGO toy series. Check out the details about LEGO toys and learn prices of these toys on pg 4&5.

PRICE for LEGO TOYS $20 each ! on pg 4&5.
LEGO Friends Mia’s Roadster $19
LEGO Elves Azari and the magical bakery $39
LEGO City Arctic base camp $99
LEGO City Demolition site $69


Kmart does not limit its toy range with the classic choices of toys. It also creates a fantastic world with super heroes which children love and follow. For example Marvel’s characters like Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America are available in the range of costumes. See pg 8&9 for more information on these.

Iron Man electronic titan figure $25 pg 8
Marvel Hulk Fists $25
Iron Man Arc FX Armour $25

Also see Hot Wheels Cars on pg 10&11, Minions toys and accessories on pg 13, MEGA toys on pg 14, girls’ toys like dolls, house, kitchen etc. on pg 17, printing and painting sets for kids on pg 19.

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